Equipment and rates

I use the Zaxcom system for recording and mixing audio.  It has certain benefits over other mixers.  For instance, I can transmit wireless timecode to cameras, but I can also transmit low-bandwidth audio to devices that lack timecode functionality, such as DSLRs.  This makes it much easier to sync material in the edit suite, rather than relying on the camera’s on-board microphone.  I can also supply IFB, so the director can listen wirelessly to whatever he/she wants.  The securely encrypted wireless link to camera is digital, so suffers none of the companding problems that plague analogue radio systems.  It integrates a timecode link, thereby reducing your costs.  The mixer is extremely versatile and is capable of routing scenarios that are well beyond other devices.  I also use an RF distribution system for much greater range and reliability, along with a range of antennas for various long-distance reception scenarios.

My rates are in line with the BECTU ratecard.  For equipment, I charge £100 for a standard audio package (mixer, boom, 2 radios), £50 for a wireless link to camera, £30 per extra radio mic channel, £50 for ISO recordings, and £20 per ERX2TCD (for scratch audio/timecode, IFB/IEM etc).

The list below shows the components of my main soundkit.  I drive a Lexus RX400h, which has seating for five.  I am an IPAF licence holder and can operate lifting equipment in categories 3a and 3b.  I also ride a motorcycle.